Thursday, July 10, 2008

New Hymn Text written in thanks for Pastor Ben Rust

Hey you all,Last night was one of those sweet summer Wednesday evenings we'll likely remember. God was pleased, sovereignly working through the congregation, to give Ben Rust to us as our senior pastor. The vote was unanimous. Here's the hymn text I wrote for the occasion. Ben preached from I Thessalonians 5.12-13 last Lord's Day Sunday morning.“We Ask You Brothers to Respect Those Men Who in the Lord”A metrical version of I Thessalonians 5.12-211. We ask you brothers to respectThose men who in the LordAmong you labor, love, correct;Give praise for grace outpoured!2. God’s peace we urge you now to seek,Be patient with them all;Rebuke the idle, help the weak,And lift the faint that fall.3. Seek good for all, rejoice and pray,Repay no one with ill;Give thanks in all, this is God’s way,In Christ this is God’s will.4. Quench not the Spirit, good hold fast,The preached Word love but test;Abstain from evil, sin’s black past,Seek Light, bask in the Blessed.David Harris – written 07/09/08 in thanks for Ben Rust